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Cloud-native approaches have revolutionised the IT world, delivering high value software that is cost effective, optimised for performance, cloud scale and easy to maintain.

Great software is at the core of any enterprise and at Xam we have plenty of know-how in secure cloud app development and platform expertise to help transform your business.

From agreeing the best approach for your organisation, through to design, build and deployment, our team of experienced cloud-native experts can deliver your project, all in record time and with no unnecessary expenses!

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“Xam exceeded our expectations. We chose to work with them not only because of their competitive quote but also the experience of their developers”  – Nigel, InvestSmart

Dell reports that companies that invest in big data, cloud, mobility and security strategies enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors.

Benefits of going cloud-native

Cloud-native applications are developed from the ground up and are purpose built for the cloud model. They’re based on microservices architectures, use managed services and take advantage of continuous delivery to achieve reliability and faster time to market.  Benefits of cloud-native apps include:

    • Easy to update: Cloud-native applications are typically constructed as microservices, which are easier to update without disrupting the app or its users
    • Reliability: Cloud-native apps are more robust and do not rely on on-site servers, therefore power outages aren’t a problem and updates don’t require downtime or disruption
    • Scalable: Usage can be scaled almost immediately without the need for extra servers
    • Cost Savings: Cost savings, better time management and productivity for staff are achieved, due to the automation capabilities and remote resources that come with cloud-native applications

Our Success Stories

At Xam Consulting, we work with some of the best companies in Australia, bringing their visions to life

60 Seconds – Perform Better

Enabling companies to improve their sales conversations through an intuitive app: Learn how 60 Seconds helps propel businesses forward

National Home Doctor Service

Bringing security and a seamless experiance for
the users of Australia’s fastest growing network
for home visiting doctors.


Relying on the experiance and training of Xam to
hit development milestones and deliver an app
that makes investing easier

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