We love design and technology. XAM is a team of creators with a burning desire to build great products. We are a young company only founded in 2015, but in those years we’ve grown from strength to strength.

Originally we were known for our experience and technical mastery in xamarin (which we still excel at).

Now we are also known for being the technology partner everyone wants-Honest, Reliable, Customer Focused and Quality Focused

We deliver at a pace others cannot compete with.


Software & App Development

Building an intuitive, beautiful and efficient app is a complex process. We will dive into your
business and understand your customers in order to create, test and deliver the best solution. First, we refine your idea, then we prototype it and test the concept on reals users,
and then we move on with the development process. We have an extensive experience in
creating high performing mobile apps with a native user experience.

Xamarin/.NET Consulting

Need extra help during a critical phase of your development process? Whether you need a
temporary support due to increased demand or assistance with a long-term project, XAM is
ready to assist you. We’ll go to your office and use our expertise to help your team leverage their own skills.

UX / UIDesign

The most important thing about any software project is to understand how your users interact with your brand. Initially, we build a product strategy to delve into your business and analyse your goals, industry, customers and problems to be solved. Our in-house UX/UI experts will work in building stunning visual designs that will delight your customers

Cloud Solutions

Apart from software solutions, we also offer cloud application development. Simply put, cloud solutions help boost your business efficiency, cut costs and improve security. We work with a suite of cloud services designed to help businesses move to the cloud in a secure and systematic fashion.

Business Analysis

Before taking action, we need to understand how you do business. Our team of business
analysts will sit with you to understand what do you do and how do you do it. We’ll tackle issues, formulate a plan with realistic, but challenging goals, and finally recommend the best solutions for your business

Emerging Technology

We’re ahead of the game when it comes to emerging technologies. From applications for
voice assistants to chatbots, our team works with a wide range of emerging technologies that will help your business service today’s tech-savvy consumers. Get in touch with us to hear more about the solutions we can work with.

Case Studies

To deliver the same quality we’ve built our reputation on, we cannot simply
punch out lines of code, we meet a product’s needs at every stage.

60 Seconds – Perform Better

Enabling companies to improve their sales conversations through an intuitive app: Learn how 60 Seconds helps propel businesses forward

National Home Doctor Service

Bringing security and a seamless experience for
the users of Australia’s fastest growing network
for home visiting doctors.


Relying on the experiance and training of Xam to
hit development milestones and deliver an app
that makes investing easier

‘Brilliant; exceeded our expectations’ – Adriaan, LX Group

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