Case Study:
60 Seconds: Improve your sales.

The days of event-based training and expensive off-site workshops are numbered. 60 seconds is a
mobile app that provides training and coaching for sales managers.

The Problem

60 seconds approached XAM Consulting because they needed a partner who could support their rapid growth. They were looking for an experienced team to build an enterprise application in Xamarin. More importantly, 60 seconds was looking for a reliable long-term partner, responsible for improving the app continuously and supporting the business objectives. To sum up, someone they could trust to not just build an app but to move the business forward with.


Firstly, we provided 60 seconds with consulting services on their mobile strategy and technical architecture. Our re-engineering process involved not only the redesign of the applications for iOS and Android but also several enhancements to their web application.


Marcus West, CEO of 60 Seconds: “ XAM delivered a functional and effective product above all our expectations. XAM built a complete application with a high level of functionality and excellent user experience. 60 seconds ss considered the most innovative coaching platform and we are happy to have
them as partners in this ongoing journey.”

“XAM delivered a functional and effective product above all our expectations. XAM built a complete application with a high level of functionality and excellent user experience.”
Marcus West – CEO, 60 Seconds

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